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Amend's Racing Engines

We carry a large supply of Junior Dragster parts/accessories for all types of cars.  Amend's Parts Dept. is dedicated to providing the accessories you need to make your car the most consistent, best appearing car at the track.  We most likely have what you need in stock. Click on the item buttons above to narrow your search. 

Amend's Racing Engines

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New for "2007"

Per NHRA, One of the biggest changes for 2007 is the addition of a new rule regarding the clutch/crank support. A clutch/crank support is mandatory on any car running 9.99 or quicker and is accepted on any vehicle. The clutch-side crank-support bracket and bottom plate must be made of minimum .350-inch-thick aluminum at its thinnest point.

    Amend's crank supports are CNC machined from a special aluminum alloy plate that provides a combination of high strength, high fracture toughness and good resistance to fatigue crack propagation at high stress levels.  The crank supports are then polished with a high energy finishing machine to remove stress risers and to give the crank supports a durable polished finish. 

We do carry these in stock for immediate delivery.


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